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Well This is an Odd way to Eat Lasagna, but There’s no Complaints

Instead of baking it in a casserole, and probably making a massive mess in the kitchen, this soup has many of the main components you would find in any lasagna dish. This soup serves about 8 people, and only takes about 30 minutes to cook.  Dollop with some fresh ricott
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This “Pasty” is Full of a Pleasant Surprise you can eat for Dinner!

From the outside, this looks like any other pastry, but bite into it and you get a mouthful of spicy, hearty, meaty, goodness.  This delicious recipe is ready in only 20 minutes.  Established in Cornwall, England, it’s officially called a “Cornish Meat Pasty.”
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A Creamy Crispy Casserole That Won’t Last on Your Table!

What’s cheesy, thick, creamy, and breaded all over?  This recipe and your next dinner solution!  Just like a thick chicken noodle soup, this casserole is perfect for a mid-week meal. This recipe serves 8 and is ready in about 45 minutes.  These types of casseroles make for
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