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Warm Crepes are a Sweet Way to Start Your Day

There is just something about crepes that are so indulging, maybe it is the fancy French name or the beautiful presentation on your plate. Whatever it is is, these lovely breakfast treats are incredibly versatile, with filling options ranging from fresh fruit to caramel cream,
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It’s Pizza’s Little Cousin – The Calzone!

Ever tried to spread out pizza dough? It sometimes seems like an impossible feat with stretching and retracting, and then holes begin to develop… what a pain!! With this recipe, you can have delicious sausage calzones without the wasted time and effort. Using Pillsbury Grands
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This Puts a Whole New Spin on Coffee Cake

Believe it or not, this isn’t your typical coffee cake, because it is actually a cheesecake.  Add in a crushed cookie crust, and you have a colossal cake! This recipe makes one 9 inch cake, and this only takes about an hour to make.  Great for tea time or an after dinner
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