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The Secret to a Perfect Empanada is in the Dough

There are many different variations on the empanada, but these little meat pies originated from Argentina. Others would agree there is no comparison to the traditional beef turnover. This recipe calls for making the dough from scratch, which is simpler than expected, and provides
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Who Can Ever Say No to Bacon?

When you’re for a delectably creamy, smoky, and tender dish, this recipe is a surefire hit!  From the homemade sauce, to the juicy cuts of chicken, you’ll be saving this one for a repeat rendezvous, time and again. This recipe serves 4 people and is ready in under an
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Creamy Lemon-Yogurt Dressing Drizzles Over This Veggie Dish

Whether you’re a vegetarian, or not, this veggie recipe is delicious and inventive to anyone.  The lemon-yogurt dressing is light, but creamy and adds a citrusy zest to the entire dish. This recipe serves 4 people and is only 300 calories, per serving, so dig in!  The
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