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This Dish Lives Up to Its Name as the Best Ever – I’m a Believer!

I can’t lie, a whole ham only made it to my table at the holidays in the past. That all changed when I came across this recipe for the Best Crock Pot Ham. Anytime I see something labeled as “best” I take it as a challenge. After all, I’ve been around awhile and I know good food!
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Eat “Fresca” Tonight with This 4 Ingredient Meal That Everyone Will Do Cartwheels For

This meal has only 4 ingredients but it will blow you and any dinner guests away – Bon Appetit!
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I Don’t Know Which Version of This Mexican Dish I Love More – The Red Sauce or This One… What About You?

I am a lover of all dishes Mexican. I love the heat, the spice, the tender meat or stringy cheese… I love dipping chips in whatever falls out of my tacos, burritos or enchiladas like these. Yep, I’m in foodie love.   This version of enchiladas is the sour cream and cheese
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Side Dishes


How To Taste The Rainbow With This Colorful Salad

Have you ever craved something sweet but you aren’t interested in cakes, cookies, pies, or candy? I know when this happens to me I all about shock myself as I’m a junk food junkie. However, sometimes a big old bowl of fruit salad really hits the spot.   This
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How To Get An Earth-Shaking, Delicious Cake

Hello, everyone! I am super stoked to share this earthmoving recipe with you because it’s scrumdiddlyumptious. Have you ever heard of earthquake cake? Well, you’re about to! This cake is chock full of chocolate, cream cheese, and chocolate chips.   This cake is
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A Little Known Way To Eat Your favorite Girl Scout Cookie

Ladies and gentlemen, you are going to want to stop what you are doing, and check out this amazing Samoa Bundt cake recipe. Other than Thin Mints, Samoa Girl Scout cookies are my absolute favorite! Which ones are yours? As you know, we can only get our Girl Scout fix a few times
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