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Hold Up – This All-Inclusive Dish is About to Change Everything You Think You Know About Dinner

You’ve heard someone say “complete meal” before but never have you experienced a combination like this all in one casserole. We’re talking tender, juicy chicken, roasted cauliflower, mushrooms and my favorite – wide egg noodles swimming in a sea of the most perfect seasonings
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Less Than 10 Ingredients Will Have This Satisfying Dish Ready for Tonight

I love finding easy recipes, don’t you? This one only has 7 ingredients and many you may have on hand. It cooks up in a casserole dish and has all the flavors you love – chicken, cheese and rice. I knew my family would be thrilled with it.   There are just some
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This Mash Up of Everyone’s Favorite Soup into a Casserole Will Warm Your Heart

I love my chicken noodle soup any day. It’s great for dipping grilled cheese in, goes awesome with crackers and is perfect for those days you don’t want a big, heavy meal. I feel the same about this casserole. It’s like everything the soup is but with no broth.   Actually,
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Side Dishes


Here’s A Recipe That’s Giving People Pie In Under 15 Minutes

Hi, everyone! So, I was cruising the interwebs for a delicious banana cream pie recipe, right? Well, I came across this little gem and thought I’d share it with you guys. It’s banana cream pie…drum roll please…with chocolate! I swear, I didn’t think
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Why I Use This Basic Sandwich Spread In My Chocolate Cake (You Should Too!)

All hail the chocolate cake! As you can see, I’m quite a fan of the cocoa-laden baked treated. I love my chocolate cake moist, and I love it piled high with frosting. How do you prefer your chocolate cake? Perhaps you like to add a little mayonnaise to it. No, I’m not
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Learn How To Make This Patriotic Popsicle That’s Sure To Please!

Who else got to twirl around with sparklers or morning glories? I remember one year my twin sister singed my bangs when someone (I forget who), decided it was a better idea to have one already light and stuck in the ground to use as a pilot light. I’ll never forget the smell of
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