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How To Impress Your Dinner Guests With One, Easy-To-Make Meal

Whenever I hear the term, “lamb chops” I instantly think of fine dining and professional chefs. I mean, it’s pretty much unheard of to make lamb chops in the privacy of your own kitchen, right? Wrong! You too can have a gourmet meal that is easy to make and
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A Campfire Cooking Method Brought To Your Own Backyard

Summer is in full swing and for my family that means lots of time spent outside.  We really love grilling on the patio and having dinner as the sun goes down, watching the fireflies start to light up around our back yard.  These months are so special to me, and I’m always trying
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The Kind of Delicious, All-Purpose Recipe That You Memorize and Then Customize!

I love finding this kind of recipe online.  Where someone posts a recipe they either created or read somewhere else, but wanted to share, and then over time, more and more people try it and make their own little changes and then post their reviews with details of what they did or
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Side Dishes


These Cinnamon Rolls Aren’t Rolls at All

Not only that, this recipe is incredibly low in fat because it’s not made out of bread at all, but rather, the secret is baked oatmeal.  Sprinkle on a little cream cheese frosting, and you can barely tell the difference. This easy recipe serves 6 and takes about 30 minutes
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As the Doctors Say, an Apple a Day….

There’s nothing more delicious and healthy, than baked fruit.  Of course if it’s in a pie, maybe not so much, but when you are baking the fruit itself?  Superb!  Add some yogurt and oatmeal, and you’ve got yourself one fine breakfast! This easy recipe makes 6
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I’m Not “Ganache” You Again How Delicious These Cupcakes Are!

Ok…so it’s a play on words, but truly, who wouldn’t love a cupcake frosted with chocolate ganache? The frosting is like looking into a shiny mirror of chocolate.  I mean, you can practically see yourself! Forget about that cheap, store bought can of grainy sugar
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