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Add This Delicious Chicken Caprese to Your Weekly Meal Plan!

Looking for a super simple dinner…and fast?! This one has it all. Grilled chicken that’s marinated in a homemade balsamic marinade makes one juicy and flavorful meat! Place that protein under the broiler topped with fresh mozzarella and tomato and watch that cheese melt.
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Roll up Cabbage Leaves and Stuff ‘em For a Delicious Polish-Inspired Meal

Ground pork, beef, and rice fill up these cabbage rolls making a Polish-inspired meal the whole family will enjoy. Simple to make and belly-filling, this main dish is one you’ll make time and time again. Load up the leaves, place them in a 9×13 pan and spread tomato sauce on
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A Magnificent “Brinner” Masterpiece!

Have your breakfast and dinner too! This sandwich has it all. From the crispy bacon to the juicy dripping sunny side up egg and who can’t forget that thick beefy burger! When you are just THAT hungry, or just can’t choose one, this is the ultimate satisfying meal. Don’t forget
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