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Parmesan Spaghetti Squash – So Good You’ll Forget It Is A Vegetable

If you’re anything like me, you get a little overwhelmed when presented with a squash (be it because of a great price at the supermarket, or a gift from a friend’s garden).  It’s not that I don’t like squash; it’s just that I don’t know what to DO with it.  It takes so much
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Who Else Wants To Make An Easy Casserole?

For as long as I can remember, tater tot casserole has sort of been my go-to meal. It doesn’t require much prep, and I always keep the ingredients on hand for a last minute meal idea. Some people enjoy eating this casserole with peas, but my family prefers green beans. What
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How To Get The Juiciest Braised Beef Without Even Trying

I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up, having a Sunday afternoon beef roast was pretty typically at our house. After church, the beef roast would be ready to come out of the oven. It always smelled so good as our family got out of the car in our driveway. Mom
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Side Dishes


Sometimes When you Crave These, the Simplest Recipe is the Answer!

Creamy peanut butter is always a win-win when it comes to dessert, and these cookies are no exception.  The only difference is, they only require 4 ingredients, but are packed with flavor. This recipe yields 18-24 cookies depending on the size, and includes ingredients you
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I Bet You Didn’t Know You Could Cook This Classic Country Dessert in a Crock!

Who knew the extent to which your crock pot could cook, bake, and make…the best of recipes!  This dish is crunchy, with sweet peaches and a dollop of velvety whipped cream. Serve this dish with vanilla ice cream for the best flavor pairing. This dessert takes abo
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These Bars of Chocolate Might as Well be Bars of Gold

The season isn’t over yet, and the scent of pecan is still acceptable, to waft through your kitchen.  Throw in some gooey chocolate, and a crunchy crust, and you have yourself a delicious dessert! This recipe makes about 4 servings, so you may want to double down on the
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