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I Bet You Didn’t Know You Could Make A Casserole Out Of These!

Hi, guys! Today, i have a crazy wonderful recipe for you all. It’s called Chicken in a Biscuit. No, no, not the crackers (although those are simply scrumptious) it’s a casserole. This recipe combines crescent rolls, cooked chicken, cheese, and some cream soups.  
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Se How Easily You Can Whip Up A Big Ole’ Pot Of Chili?

My family is huge fans of chili. We eat it throughout the entire year, not just when it’s cold outside. In fact, I can remember going to a chili cook-off contest in Florida with my best friend when we were kids. She won a t-shirt for eating ten bowls of chili. I guess I
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Don’t Let Filo Dough Intimidate You!

Do you ever wish you could go back to being a kid?  Think about it, kids have little responsibilities and they do everything with full on heart and joy.  I think this carries over to eating.  My kiddos love to dip their food and they do it so joyfully.  Eating is a full on game
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Side Dishes


Why Put Anything on Top of Your Bread, When You Can Put it IN the Bread

This inventive bread, is also known as a Babka, and tastes just like one giant cinnamon role.  Top it off with a smooth, orange glaze, and the sweet factor hits the roof. This recipe takes a few hours, but it is completely worth it.  It yields one “Babka,” and once
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The Future is Here!

What happens when you mix a donut with a croissant?  A Cro-Nut of course! This is the latest craze and why not?  It’s a donut mixed with a croissant!  Drizzle it in forsting, and now we’re talkin’! Recipe and photo courtesy of Food Network GO TO THE NEXT PAGE
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When you Don’t Feel Like Baking, but Still Impressing the Heck out of Your Neighbors!

The baking days are winding down, so it only makes sense that bakers are looking for some “non-bake” recipes to help them out a little.  And what can be better than a no-bake, creamy, peanut butter pie? This pie goes from prep to plate in 30 minutes and serves up to 8
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