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Even When It’s Hot You Can Make This Loaded Baked Potato Soup In The CrockPot!

Who doesn’t love baked potatoes? I know I do especially loaded baked potatoes. Yum! Naturally, this loaded baked potato soup was a delicious alternative to heating up the house and pleasing my taste buds at the same time!   My Mother in Law makes twice baked potatoes which
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Load Up Their Bellies With this Fantastic One-Pot Crock!

Hi again, folks! Who is in the mood for some soul pleasing Crock Pot soup? I know I definitely am! If you like baked potatoes topped with everything other than the kitchen sink, you’re going to love this slow cooker loaded potato soup. It’s creamy and filled with
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Poutine: French Fries With Gravy And Cheese Curds Is A Meal In Itself!

Poutine is a French Canadian food. It is just one of those foods that once you’ve had it… you’re hooked. Simply put, French fries + gravy + cheese = Delicious!!!   While I wouldn’t eat Poutine every day, I must say it’s okay to indulge now and then. I’ve always been partial
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Side Dishes


We Can’t Get enough of Citrus This Season With These Cheesy Lemon Bites!

You might think the concept of lemon and cheese, sounds like a strange combination, but this creamy ricotta is remarkable against the citrus profile of lemon, in these easy-to-bake cookies. I know what you’re thinking….citrus and dairy…do those even mix?  Let me
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This Naughty Recipe is Neatly Naked!

Usually the words “chocolate cake,” and “low in fat,” are never in the same sentence, especially with a dessert that looks this good.  Don’t let the fruit throw you off, as they say, it truly “takes the cake.” Ready in a hour, this makes
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A Dreamy Creamy Buttercream Fills These Decadent Whoopie Pies

Are whoopie pies the one thing that’s missing from your life? Fill that void with these soft chocolate pillowy cookies that sandwich a layer of fluffy swiss meringue buttercream filling. The cookies aren’t really much of a cookie in that they are more of a cake-like texture,
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