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You Give 15 Minutes of Prep Time and I’ll Show You How to Make This Superb Breakfast Casserole

Everyone will wake up with a smile and start the day right when they indulge in this breakfast casserole. Believe me when I say it’s totally worth it! If you have picky eaters in your household they’ll love this; who doesn’t love ham, cheese and croissants?   I have a busy
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Saddle Up and Cook This Home On the Range Crock Pot Dinner That Even Picky Eaters Will Love

I’ve made plenty of meats in the slow cooker, but I’ve never had one with beans and on rolls like this! It added a whole new dimension to a dish I’ve had a few times before. The family approved even though my kids aren’t crazy about beans. I think it made the sandwiches a bit
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How to Turn a Classic Dish into Something Better – Subtle Spice Makes This Mexican Version of a Stuffed Vegetable a Favorite!

My mom made stuffed peppers often when I was growing up. I don’t think I appreciated how delicious it was until I was older, because the pepper always had a strong flavor to me. Well not long ago, I went out for Mexican food and saw Chile Rellenos on the menu. I was curious to
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Side Dishes


Every Grandma Needs To Memorize This Cookie Recipe!

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe In The History Of The World
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Bread Fit For A Rainy Day

Warm, sweet, and fresh out of the oven are how I like to eat my banana bread. Add a pat of salty butter to the top and enjoy with a cup of tea or a tall glass of milk. Yum! I don’t know about you, but banana bread is a staple around my humble abode. It’s more like a
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Put a twist on your favorite nachos

  Who in the world wouldn’t love a healthy variation of nachos? Nachos are typically made of corn chips topped with beef, onion, tomatoes and a bunch of ingredients. This healthy twist will make you salivate and healthy at the same time. Crisp, fresh and juicy apples that
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