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Give Me 30 Minute of Prep Time and I’ll Give You a Great Italian Meal for Later!

Everyone loves fettuccine Alfredo. Some like it with chicken, some without. Regardless it’s a popular meal that’s sure to please everyone in the household. I know in my house it’s always been made, from my Nana to my mom and now me! It’s an easy tradition to carry out, and this
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5 Spice Makes This Crock Pot Dish a Favorite in Every Household

I love chicken wings. They are one of those meats that I absolutely get a craving for at least once a week. I never thought of cooking them in the slow cooker. This is a simple way to get juicy, fall off the bone chicken that you’ll not be able to stop eating.   I actually
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Side Dishes


Practical, Clever, Amazing People Make Cookies Like This

Everyone loves grabbing a homemade cookie to nibble on between meals. Oatmeal cookies make a wonderful after-school snack or a little something sweet to satisfy late night hunger pains. When I was growing up, my grandmother would always have a batch of fresh oatmeal cookies on
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The Happiest People Eat These In The Morning

Deviate from your normal breakfast routine of cold cereal and orange juice and whip up a batch of strawberry cream cheese crescent rolls! These sweet little treats are an excellent way to start your morning, and they go perfectly with coffee or tea.   Strawberries and cream
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A Brownie Recipe That Will Leave You Speechless

You probably have a classic brownie recipe nestled in your favorite cookbook, right? It contains ingredients like sugar, butter, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, and flour. Those are all the staple additives that go into classic brownies. However, have you ever thought of adding an
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