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This Dish Is More Satisfying Than A Barry Manilow Concert

In my home we eat so much Mac and Cheese. Truthfully, it’s almost always the Kraft kind, but it’s just so so good! However, as of late, we’ve been experimenting with homemade Mac and Cheese.  It’s been so much fun to try so many different kinds and experiment with the
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See How Easily You Can Take This Country Comfort Dish to a Whole New Level of Yumminess

This popular pasta dish is a complete meal in itself, the smoked gouda makes it extra flavorful.
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How This Fresh Summer Vegetable Is Deliciously Prepared Without Much Effort

Super excited to find this easy, weeknight dish using the fresh eggplant from my garden, I made it that same night. Much to my surprise, the family devoured it like it was going out of style. Eggplant lasagna brings together two of my favorite things, and I knew at least I would
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Side Dishes


Discover The German’s Best Kept Secret!

This Old-Fashioned Cake Is The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened To Me! Yum!
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This Dessert Melts In Your Mouth With Each Bite

Sink Your Teeth Into This Easy-To-Make Dessert Filled With a Velvety Cream Cheese Filling
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Why I Make Cake In My Crock Pot And You Should Too!

Making chocolate lava cake is simpler to make than you think! You don’t need an oven to bake this decadent dessert. There’s another way. Are you ready for this? Alright, here it goes…   You can use your Crock Pot. I know, know, it sounds unbelievable, but
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