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Thinking About Hitting Up The Mexican Diner This Evening? Don’t Waste Your Time. Make This, Instead!

Have I mentioned my love for Mexican food?  I probably have, because the love is deep.  Sometimes, deeper than my love for people (those are my crabby days).  You know the term “Hangry”?  Well, I can get that way and only Mexican food can cure it.   Mexican ground beef. 
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Transport Your Taste Buds To Germany When You Masticate On This Salad!

I have never really been a fan of those salads on the side of burgers and the like on holiday celebration.  You know what I’m talking about…potato salad, pasta salad, chicken salad.  You know what’s my big beef with them?  They’re cold!  I don’t know why it bothers me so,
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Have You Ever Thought Of Cooking With Your Favorite Snack Chips? DO IT!

Have you ever tried putting chips in your meal?  Say, Frito’s for example?  They totally can take any meal and transform it into something super cool and tasty.  This is so addicting, it’s not even funny.  You’ll have your friends and family asking you to make more and more.
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Side Dishes


What You Should Know About This Amazing Dessert

Whip up this tasty dessert in two shakes of a lamb’s tail! It’s so unbelievably simple, and it tastes great! We all remember sneaking tastes from the cookie dough bowl when mom or grandma was making a batch, right? Well, this time, you can steal all the tastes you
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Go Big Or Go Home With This Dessert!

Take a big bite out of dessert when you whip up this chocolate turtle Texas sheet cake. Rich, moist cake topped with nuts, chocolate chips, and fudgy frosting are some of the ingredients that embrace this to-cool-for-school cake. It’s big, it’s TASTEE, and it’s
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An Easy Way to Get A Delightful Treat

There’s nothing I love more than a sweet slice of angel food cake. Nothing can compare to the cushiony texture of airy angel food cake mixed with sweet pineapple and topped with a dollop of Cool whip. Yum! I can almost taste this energetic dessert on my tongue right now.
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