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We Know You Love the Classic, But Try This Variation and You May Love It!

I will always love my mom’s tried and true classic meatloaf, but I am not afraid to switch things up and try something new. After all, how else would I have fallen in love with this lighter version? I was pleasantly surprised at this chicken meatloaf featuring… apples! &nbs
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Not Your Average Pasta Dish – You Need to Make This One Tonight!

My family likes spaghetti, they are cool with having it once a week, but to me it gets a bit boring. I’m always thinking of ways to change it up. They’re not fond of my vegetable spaghetti, but anything cheesy is a win.   I was excited to try this version featuring a creamy,
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Here’s the Recipe You’re Searching for – This Southern Inspired Dish is the Definition of Comfort Food

Skip the frozen and indulge in this homemade chicken pot pie. One thing sets it apart from the rest and that’s the cheddar crust! It’s seriously to die for and will impress your little family or a crowd.   I chose to make this when my son said, “Mom, I’ve never had a pot
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Side Dishes


The Zen Of Baking Sunny, Simple Dessert Bars

We’re in the throws of spring (although some parts of the country don’t feel like it), and summer is fast approaching. It’s time to start baking up some sweet, sunny treats like these fabulous lemon bars. I love the way lemon desserts taste and how they make me
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There’s Big Fruity Flavor In This Recipe!

We’re all used to the regular form of pizza. Piping hot dough smothered in tomato sauce, cheese, and pepperoni, right? Sort of, but that’s not the type of pizza we are making today. Today, your pizza will be smeared with sweet cream cheese and topped with the fresh
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This Easy Southern Pastry Is All You Need To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

As a young girl growing up on my grandma’s farm, I used to love the sweet smell of southern apple dumplings wafting through the kitchen window as I played outside on my tire swing. Oh, the memories! Nothing beat grandma’s apple dumplings. Now that I’m grown,
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