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Hey You! Get This New Take On a Classic Pasta Dish Out of Your Dreams and into Your Belly

Let’s be honest, we all love the classic spaghetti and lasagna amongst other Italian favorites, but there’s a little thrill when you find a recipe that switches things up – am I right? This lasagna uses mushroom and ham and let me tell you, it’s hands down delicious.
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Be Different! Eat Your Slice Upside Down – The Family Will Love This 4-Ingredient Fun Dish That Tells Little Caesar to Take a Hike

We order pizza once a week in our house, and it’s okay to go out and enjoy it so I never feel guildy. However, it definitely gets old, for me anyway. When I came across this recipe I was excited to surprise the hubby and kids. I knew they’d like it because – hello – pizza!
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I’m Surprised! I’ve Never Made This American Classic Sandwich in a Crock – But I’m Loving it!

This is a great switch from traditional sloppy joes, though they have a special place in my heart as well. These crock pot cheeseburgers are amazing! You can still top them with all your favorites to include ketchup, mustard and pickles. Serve them up on some Kaiser or pretzel
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Side Dishes


This Peanut Butter Cake Will Melt Your Heart…And Your Hunger

I love chocolate and peanut butter more than any two ingredients in the world. Combining the two of them together makes the perfect dessert combination, in my opinion. That’s why my famous peanut butter melt away cake recipe is one of my most prized possessions.   This
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Stop Cooking Your Fudge And Make It This BETTER Way Instead

One of my favorite candies during the holidays is homemade chocolate peanut butter fudge. I could eat an entire pan of this stuff by myself. However, I have to have some level of self-control, or my pants wouldn’t fit me anymore.   There are times throughout the year
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Get Rid Of The Summertime Blues With This Peach-Tastic Pie

Nothing makes turns a frown upside down like a warm and flaky pastry. Whenever I’m feeling a little grumpy, making something sweet in the kitchen usually pulls me right out of my pity party. This peach pie and super easy to make and tastes absolutely wonderful, especially
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