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Want To Know How To Make Breakfast Fun? Let’s Switch This Common Dish Up a Little Shall We?

Who doesn’t love scrambled eggs? They are simple, delicious, hearty and healthy. Sometimes though, a recipe comes along and I’m like “Woah! Did they really just do that?” That was my exact reaction when I discovered scrambled egg muffins. Yes you read that
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Ooey and Gooey – You’ve Never Eaten a Burger THIS Way, But You’ll Be In Awe!

I’ve had many a burger, and every person in my family has their preference. One thing we all agree on is cheese as a topping. This casserole has the burger, and the cheese… plus so much more!   I got out all the usual burger condiments to include ketchup (of
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This Meal Is Easy Like a Sunday Morning – Wake Up and Have Brunch Waiting

How great is it to sleep in, and wake up to the smell of brunch baking away. You go downstairs in your pajamas, and put on a pot of coffee and just take in the scent in anticipation. Then you grab the newspaper and have a seat in your favorite brunch spot and dig in.  
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Side Dishes


The perfectly refreshing summer dessert will leave you wanting more and more!

Growing up, my mom made so many different pies.  Apple pie, peach cobbler, key lime pie, brownie pie, and so many more.  However, this banana cream pie was always my dad’s favorite dessert and she’d make it time and time again for him.   We’ve had this pie at our
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How To Turn Plain Pretzels Into A Delectable Dessert

Hey, everybody! Boy, do I have a delicious dessert recipe for y’all today. So, who here enjoy snacking on pretzels? How about chocolate? Do I have any caramel lovers in the house? What if I told you that we’d be mixing them all together today for a sweet and salty
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Don’t Try Making A Coffee Cake Without This One Ingredient!

I’ll be honest, coffee cake has never been one of my favorite desserts. I always found it to be dry. Then, I came across this recipe for raspberry cream cheese coffee cake and my taste buds went straight to the Pearly Gates of Great Food. This cake is anything but dry and
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