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There’s a Surprise Inside This Meal – Cut In For The Ultimate In Italian Flavors – Grazie!

It’s so fun to bring something a little new to the dinner table. While the flavors in this Spicy Italian Crescent Ring are memorable, the way it’s put together is fun and unique. My family couldn’t wait to dig in, and dig in they did. There was cheese stringing
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The “Feta” of This Dish Rests On You – You’re It’s Only Hope of Being Enjoyed!

Chicken and feta cheese are two Greek staple foods that always go good together. That’s why this Easy Feta Chicken bake more than works as a delicious dish that deserves a spot in your recipe box. The seasonings and ingredients all meld together for one complete and
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Side Dishes


Who Says S’mores Have To Be Made Over An Open Fire Pit?

Last summer I had a true addiction to smores.  It wasn’t enough to make them in our backyard using the fire pit, no…. I had to seek out and find the BEST smores –based recipes around.  I made smores everything, smores pie, smores cheesecake.  My family was excited about my
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You won’t believe what you can turn red wine into

When you think of wine you think of a nice glass with dinner or as an enjoyable way to unwind after work. But this recipe just takes wine to a whole new level and you are just going to love it! Make this on a lazy Sunday afternoon to enjoy after dinner. All the ladies will be so
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The perfectly refreshing summer dessert will leave you wanting more and more!

Growing up, my mom made so many different pies.  Apple pie, peach cobbler, key lime pie, brownie pie, and so many more.  However, this banana cream pie was always my dad’s favorite dessert and she’d make it time and time again for him.   We’ve had this pie at our
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