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Don’t Get Crabby – You Can Have All You Want of These Fresh From the Ocean Patties When You Whip Them Up at Home

I have had many a crab cake in my day, usually at the various restaurants in my area, as we live right near the ocean – lucky us! I’ve found they come in a wide variety of flavors and consistencies. I wanted to make them at home for my adoring fans, aka. my family, so
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You Can Have The Tour of Italy All in One Dish! Sign My Family Up, I’m Baking Breadsticks Right Now

It doesn’t matter if you’re feeding a small family or a large group, this Chicken Parmesan Casserole will do the trick. I am a bit of a perfectionist so when I have an event coming and I have to cook I do go into panic mode. What will I make? Will it be too time consuming? Will
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Side Dishes


These No Bake Treats Will Keep Your 4th Of July Cool

Summer time is made for s’mores.  There’s just nothing better than sitting in the summer evening with a s’mores treat.  Delicious!  I love finding recipes that are a play on the traditional flavors you’re used to, but used in a different way that takes
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I Bet You’ve Never Had Popcorn Like This Before

CRASH!  BOOM! RAC-KAH! Sizzle.  Don’t you love watching fireworks as they dance across the sky?  There’s nothing more amazing that cuddling up with your friends and kiddos to watch the fireworks.  My favorite part is watching the delight in other people’s eyes
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Red, White, And Blue And Ready For You!

There are a couple times a year I host a big bash.  4th of July is one of them.  Our homeowner’s association, like many others in this area, have a fireworks show.  We live just a few blocks from the center of the action, so I like to invite my family over to enjoy the
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