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Serve This Favorite Gravy Covered Crock Dish Over Rice Or Mashed Taters – Your Crowd For Dinner May Grow!

If there’s one thing I’m certain of, it’s that cube steak cooked in gravy is always a winner. Not only that, grave is a winner in itself! My kids used to just eat the gravy over rice or potatoes and not the meat. Now that they are older they love the tender
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You’ll Be Floored At The Flavors Root Beer Gives This Crock Pot Meat – Life May Never Be The Same!

Shut the front door! This Root Beer Slow Cooker Pulled Pork has me reeling. It is so tender and flavorful, you don’t even need to use your favorite BBQ sauce on top. I am not a regular soda drinker but I get curious when I find things that are made with them, and so I put
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Ole! You’ll Be Thrilled With This Simple Chicken Crock Meal That Brings It When It Comes to Flavors

This crock meal will have you all set so you don't have to visit the local burrito place. Serve it atop rice or wrap it in a tortilla - any way you choose it's mouth-watering delish! Get this easy and flavor-filled recipe right here!
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Side Dishes


The Ideal Independence Day Dessert For You to Share With Your Family and Friends

With the 4th of July only a couple days away, I thought now might be a good time to share with you one of my absolute favorite, simply scrumptious, summer desserts.  This is the perfect lovely little pie to take to any Independence Day celebration!  In fact, the first time I
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Warm Your Heart and Soul With This Sweet, Old-Fashioned Dessert

Who Knew This Favorite End-of-meal Recipe Was So Simple To Make At Home Rather Than Buying It Off The Shelf At The Supermarket?
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You Won’t Sleep Tonight Knowing this Breakfast Casserole is Waiting to Be Devoured in the Morning!

My guests were literally scraping to get every little bit out when I made this for them. In fact, I found my friend’s husband picking tiny bites out of the nearly empty dish after everyone had all moved outside for swimming pool time! Next time I will definitely make more than
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