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Soul-Pleasing Shrimp, Spinach, And Tomato Pasta

Hey, folks! I hope everyone is doing well. This weekend, we had a party at my house to sort of say goodbye to summer. As you know, our warm weather retreat is coming to an end. We had hot dogs and burgers on the grilled, lots of appetizers, and many yummy desserts. One of my
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The Easiest Shrimp And Broccoli Stir Fry You’ll Ever Make

Toss these lovely ingredients into your wok and wait for the savory magic to happen.
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The Best Freakin’ Chicken Recipe, EVER

A juicy, whole chicken so good, you won't believe how easy it is to make.
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Side Dishes


Looking for breakfast? Lunch? Dessert? This is all of the above in one.

Blackberries have never often been a part of my breakfast.  I usually only throw them in my yogurt or have a handful of them as a snack.  They just never tickled my fancy as breakfast food, until this.   This is yet another casserole baked dish that is oh so delicious.  This
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Festive Fruit and Sweet Spice In A Whole New Light

What a great idea this is.  I love this recipe for cinnamon chips and fruit salsa!  First and foremost, it’s really, really tasty.  Tons of big, juicy fresh flavors and such a neat way to present it.  This is another one of those recipes that as soon as I have it put together, I
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A Sweet Summer Recipe That’s Great For Both Beginners And Experienced Cooks Alike

This is a little different from the kind of recipes we usually post here, but I’ve really enjoyed trying all the great summer recipes over the past couple of months and I feel like this straightforward strawberry jam recipe/instructional definitely deserves to have a place of
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