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Give Me 40 Minutes and I’ll Give You a Breakfast You Can’t Resist!

Want to serve omelets for breakfast but don’t want to be stuck at the stove? Try this baked cheese omelet recipe that serves 12 and is easy as dump, pour and bake! All you need is a dozen eggs, some bacon, cheese, picante sauce and sour cream; it’s as easy as that. Pour the
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When the Dinnertime Rumble Starts to Grumble, You Won’t Be in Trouble!

A thick savory sauce and oodles of noodles make this Tuscan garlic chicken dish one you need to try! Olive Garden featured this dish on their menu and this recipe tastes just like the real deal! Now you can make it at home with super simple ingredients and a little bit of love.
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This One-Pot Dish is Dinnertime Bliss!

Intimidated by the sound of risotto? Yes, it might take some standing and stirring, but who says you need to be alone? Turn on the TV, chat with your spouse, grab a glass of wine and have a little fun with it! Follow the directions for this creamy one-pot veggie and chicken
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