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Mix Things Up a Bit and Give This Tangy Soup a Whirl!

If you can’t get enough of dill pickles, you’re either pregnant or just have a hearty appreciation for tanginess! This Polish style soup has a delicious pairing of pickles and potatoes that everyone will go crazy over. It might sound strange at first – Pickle soup?! But once you
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This Flavorful Dish Shows its Hungarian Roots With Colorful Paprika!

This chicken paprika dinner tastes just as incredible as it looks! If you’ve never made this Hungarian style dish, it includes coating the chicken in a homemade batter, browning, and then baking. Whip up a homemade gravy served over the chicken and mashed potatoes for a super
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You Too Can Make This Savory Skillet In A Matter of Minutes!

The dreaded dinner hour is arriving, and you’re at a total loss for ideas. This quick skillet steak with onions and mushrooms is here to save you! It doesn’t get much easier than this, folks.     All you need are some sirloin steaks, onion, mushrooms, and simple
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