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How To Start A One Pan Meal With Raw Chicken And End With A Mouthwatering Masterpiece

Have you ever wanted pizza and chicken at the same time? I am a foodaholic, so I’m always craving weird combinations. One day, I had a hankering for chicken, cheese, and pepperoni (no, I wasn’t pregnant). I came across this recipe for pepperoni chicken and assumed
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What You Ought To Know About Making Mashed Taters…

is that they are even better when you twice bake them into a savory casserole filled with cheese, bacon, and garlic! So, yesterday I was thumbing through one of my old cookbooks and came across a recipe called twice baked mashed potatoes. After reading the ingredients list and
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A Scrumptuos Way To Eat A Classic Sub Sandwich – Have You Heard Of This?

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Meatball Sub Bubble Bake. Let’s all say that together, “Meatball Sub Bubble Bake.” Doesn’t the name just sound insanely palatable? I, for one, am a HUGE meatball sub fan. I love eating them smothered in red sauce,
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An Easy-To-Make Dessert That’s Perfect for a Holiday Party!

This dessert is unique because even though it is indeed a cake, it is actually made out of pancakes, rather than cake mix.  The results are amazingly decadent, with a chocolaty peppermint smoothness, and creamy texture. This recipe serves 8-10 people and is mad in under an hour
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This Recipe is a Monstrous Chocolate Conundrum

If an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie and a rice krispie treat had a baby, this would be it.  Nothing sounds more divine, does it?  And now, you’re slowly craving this cookie as you read on…. Fear not!  The recipe is simple, and these cookies will fly right out of the
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These Traditional Holiday Cookies Only Need you to Lift one Finger….Mainly Your Thumb

My grandmother has been making these for years, and it’s clear why she chose this recipe.  It’s easy to make but these cookies come out so delectably buttery with a sweet jelly center. This recipe makes about 32 cookies.  The portion of dough should stay on the
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