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Learn to put together a cozy, hearty bowl of Split Pea Soup in four hours

Growing up, I had split pea soup for dinner every day.  It was my grandmother’s recipe and she served it to me every single day.  Over time, I got so bored of it and vowed never to make it again.  That is, until I got married and found out split pea soup is my husband’s favorite
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Learn how to cook this Turkey burger casserole with just 6 ingredients

Sometimes I want to try to eat healthy.  That becomes really difficult when you love food as much as I do.  However, I have found there are ways to alter a recipe so it works in my favor when I’m trying to be healthy.  This is one of them.   Instead of layering on the bread
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Learn how to make the yummiest white pizza with just 5 ingredients

Throughout the week while my husband is at work, I tend to get huge pizza cravings.  Sometimes I oblige and get some “fast food” pizza or I’ll pop a frozen pizza in the oven.  However, I really wanted a while pizza recently and I couldn’t find it anywhere.  So I decided I had to
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Side Dishes


This Recipe is Simply Peachy Keen

This never has to be a seasonal dish.  If you can’t find fresh peaches, you can compromise.  The crust itself is so crispy and flaky, nothing can stop this juicy peachy dish! This recipe serves 4-6 people and is ready in under an hour.  Serve with a scoup of fresh vanilla
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This Lasagna is Like None you Have Ever Tasted!

Two words you may never consider in the same recipe: “chocolate,” and “lasagna,” yet this dish is so perfectly delish, you can’t pass it up!  A creamy, chocltaey, cookie surprise….just feast your eyes! Although this doesn’t take long to
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