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How to make a super fun grilled cheese with your waffle iron

A waffle iron can be used for more than just waffles. This version of grilled cheese utilizes one and takes grilled cheese to a new level of fun eating. You can make this when the grandkids visit or you just want something unique and different for that weekend get together. You
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Use Your Slow Cooker To Create Comfort Food At Its Finest

For as long as I can remember, swiss steak has always been one of my parent’s favorite meals. Now that they are older, I enjoy cooking for them, and of course, I make slow cooker Swiss steak on the regular. It’s easy to make and I always double the batch so I can feed
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Make Your Family Happy with This Yummy Pasta Dish

My kids are picky eaters. It’s like they have a radar that detects healthy meals. It buzzes whenever I cook something even has the nerve to sound healthy. Needless to say I find myself searching for easy, kid friendly meals that are also delicious.   I love this Cheeseburger
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Side Dishes


These Bars of Chocolate Might as Well be Bars of Gold

The season isn’t over yet, and the scent of pecan is still acceptable, to waft through your kitchen.  Throw in some gooey chocolate, and a crunchy crust, and you have yourself a delicious dessert! This recipe makes about 4 servings, so you may want to double down on the
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You’d Never Know These Rolls Were Gluten Free

Although at first this recipe seems like it may have a lot of ingredients, the results are totally worth the time…..not to mention everyone can enjoy these rolls, since they are gluten free. This recipe makes about 15 servings and takes over 2 hours to make.  These rolls
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Even Though the Holidays are Mostly Over, This Quick Treat is Still Delicious!

While family and friends are still visiting, the time to cook has not yet quite come to an end, but you’re probably looking for easier recipes about this time.  That’s why these mini dessert bites are so scrumptious. Everyone loves pecan pie, so turn them into
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