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Meet The Most Versatile Chili Recipe You’ll Ever Make

I like to plan ahead when it comes to meal planning.  One of my favorite ways to do that is to make a big batch of a recipe and freeze it for later.  The great thing about doing this is that I have recipes stocked in the fridge for any busy day that I can quickly heat up for my
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Make this delicious melt in your mouth dish in just 7 minutes!

We all love pasta. But waiting for it to cook can be time-consuming. Why wait when you don’t have to?   Pressure cooking has been around for a long time. The new cookers out today are digital and much safer than the ones from the old days. You can whip up delicious
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These will melt in your mouth and make you dance!

Whip up a batch of these and you will want to make them every day. Or you can save them for Sunday breakfast or special occasions only.   I loved pancakes for breakfast as a kid. My mom usually only made them on the weekends when we had no school. It was something I always
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Side Dishes


When Two Favorite Flavors Collide in a Heavenly Dessert Bar

Chocolate.  It’s like Kryptonite to some folks.  Throw in a little caramel, and people will lose their heads with the yum factor.  Snack on these with your favorite tea or coffee, for a perfect afternoon snack, or after dinner dessert. This recipe makes about 24 bars, and
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A Very Interesting Dessert Based on None Other Than Green Tea

Desserts have many flavors, but tea is usually not one of them.  Don’t knock it, till’ you try it, however.  This white chocolate and green tea cheesecake is rich, yet light, at the same time. This recipe serves 6-8 people and needs to chill for several hours before
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I Bet You Don’t Know What a Banoffee Pie is, but You’ll Never Forget it, Once you Do!

This dish is a mashup of the name.  Made from, you guessed it, banana and toffee, and boy is it delectable.  With a smooth and creamy ganache filling, and a fruity whipped topping, how could anyone say no? This recipe makes mini-pies, but it can easily be converted to one large
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