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It’s Almost Impossible To Have Just One Of These Hula Girl Patties

Summer is in full swing, and whether you live in a tropical paradise or not, I want to give you the recipe that will take you to the oceanic land of your dreams! These burgers will delight your senses and your taste buds. They will take you to a place that invokves the tropics
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Toss This Easy Casserole Into The Oven And Enjoy Dinner In An Hour

Are you a meatball lover? I know that I sure am! I love eating them in a variety of meals such as in a sandwich, in soup, on a bun, and of course, in spaghetti. So, you can imagine my excitement when I came across this recipe for mini meatball casserole.   I was perusing the
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Side Dishes


Can You Really Fall In Love With A Cake?

What goes great with your morning cup of coffee? COFFEE CAKE! Seriously, never says morning pick-me-up like a steaming cup of Joe and a slice of sweet blueberry buttercream coffee cake. This recipe calls for fresh blueberries, so don’t worry, you’re still meeting your
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If It’s Not Pumpkin Pie, What Is It?

If you’ve taken a good look at our photo, you probably think you’ve got this pie recipe all figured out. However, looks can be very deceiving, and a picture is worth a thousand words. You aren’t staring at pumpkin pie, but rather a sweet potato! Can you believe
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Every Grandma Needs To Memorize This Cookie Recipe!

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe In The History Of The World
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