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Even The Bunnies Will Be Hopping Over To Your Kitchen For This Crazy casserole!

I’m always up for something new and different. My taste buds tend to get bored rather easily so I’m sure glad that I came across this recipe for carrot casserole. It tastes absolutely amazing! Check out what a happy Taste of Home reviewer had to say about this recipe:
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You’ll Want To Check Your Bags At The Door For This Amazing Casserole!

This recipe for cheesy potato casserole is some scrumptious! It makes me want to move into my kitchen and never leave! Check out what my pals over at had to say about this one:   “Great side dish for any meat dinner; can be served with your Easter ham, is a
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This Entree Will leave You Singing “Skiddy-Mer-Rink-A-Doo”

I love eating lasagna. It’s a work of art when it comes out of the oven, piping hot and fresh. Mmmm, so yummy! I also enjoy noshing on this Italian dinner treat the next day after it’s been made. Lasagna leftovers are so good! I place a square or two on a plate,
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Side Dishes


A Brownie Recipe That Will Leave You Speechless

You probably have a classic brownie recipe nestled in your favorite cookbook, right? It contains ingredients like sugar, butter, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, and flour. Those are all the staple additives that go into classic brownies. However, have you ever thought of adding an
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The Dessert The World’s Been Waiting For

I don’t know about you, but some days I crave a snack that is sweet but doesn’t kill my diet. Yes, it’s easy to reach for that bag of cookies or dig through your kids’ candy stash, however, you’re not doing yourself any favors. What if I told you
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Create Cake In A Mug In Under 5 Minutes!

What’s not to love about a rich, moist hunk of chocolate cake? How about the time it takes to make said cake. This recipe allows you to get your cake fix in under 5 minutes. Can you believe it? Well, believe it because we would never lie to you 🙂 If you’re a Nutella
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