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This Flavorful Italian Casserole Will Make You Want to Jump Around with Joy

I adore simple recipes that taste amazing. My family literally thinks I spend hours making these dishes but they are SO easy. Baked Ziti I’ve made before, but it was nothing like this. I used jarred spaghetti sauce and this sauce trumps that by far.   The good news is that
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Your Big Fat Greek Dinner is Waiting! Whip Up This Classic Eggplant Dish Tonight.

My love for Greek food comes from the days when I was in high school and college, and I’d meet my mom for lunch. She worked downtown, and we would walk to a local Greek diner that had the best food ever. Fresh pita bread and hummus, and this Moussaka to die for.   Since I
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Side Dishes


Who Else Wants To Learn How To make Dutch Butter Cake?

I love eating cake. When it’s someone’s birthday, I get all excited and giddy because I know there will be lots of cake! I’m always up for trying new things, and when I came across this recipe for Dutch Butter Cake, my heart did a backflip. These wonderful Dutch
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How To Taste The Rainbow With This Colorful Salad

Have you ever craved something sweet but you aren’t interested in cakes, cookies, pies, or candy? I know when this happens to me I all about shock myself as I’m a junk food junkie. However, sometimes a big old bowl of fruit salad really hits the spot.   This
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How To Get An Earth-Shaking, Delicious Cake

Hello, everyone! I am super stoked to share this earthmoving recipe with you because it’s scrumdiddlyumptious. Have you ever heard of earthquake cake? Well, you’re about to! This cake is chock full of chocolate, cream cheese, and chocolate chips.   This cake is
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