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To Those Who Want A Great Casserole: Make This!

This is one of my all-time favorite casseroles to make. It combines the awesomeness of cheeseburgers with the crispy creation of tater tots. You combine everything into your favorite¬†baking dish, set the oven on 350, and let ‘er¬†cook for about half an hour. It really is
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They May Be Called Funeral Potatoes, But This Dish Is Anything But Dead!

If you've ever been to a Mormon funeral, you may have already tried this tasty side dish. These potatoes are the LIFE of the party!
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How To Get Them To Lick Their Plates Clean!

When I was growing up, macaroni and cheese was a staple family meal at my house. Now that I’m an adult (wow, I’m an adult!) I have made mac and cheese a staple meal in my own household. However, I made one simple variation that my mother never did: I make my cheesy
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Side Dishes


Chocolate Lovers Will Go Wacky Over This Cake

This Chocolate Wacky Cake recipe may be, well, a bit wacky, but you’ll love how it turns out (and how easy and quick it is to make)! It also comes with a simple but very delicious chocolate icing.   I have to admit, when I saw the ingredient list, with vinegar and
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Great Autumn Flavor in This Cake!

This Apple Cinnamon Upside Down Cake is great for special occasions, particularly holiday meals, but it’s a straightforward enough recipe to make for a weekend family treat.   Weather cooling off means that I have started thinking about desserts with apples or pears
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This Cake Is Crazy–Like a Fox

There is a bit of madness here, but there is delicious method in it.
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