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This Mash Up of Everyone’s Favorite Soup into a Casserole Will Warm Your Heart

I love my chicken noodle soup any day. It’s great for dipping grilled cheese in, goes awesome with crackers and is perfect for those days you don’t want a big, heavy meal. I feel the same about this casserole. It’s like everything the soup is but with no broth.   Actually,
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Thank You Texas! The Stars at Night Shine Just as Bright as This Famous “Con Carne” Recipe

This recipe was actually one passed along to me by a friend. The chili con carne is out of this world because the meat gets extra tender as it cooks slowly in the crock. I like that it has a subtle heat, perfect for those upcoming fall days!   Even the deep, dark and
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Out West These Are Magical and Come From a Truck, but Here They’re Slow Cooked in the Crock – Yum!

I can’t explain my love for carnitas. The first time I had them they were served up to me in San Jose, California in a couple corn tortillas and topped with onion and cilantro then wrapped up in foil. I have not had anything even close to those two, first tacos until now.  
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Learn How To Bake a Family Sized Apple Cobbler With Just 5 Ingredients!

This past holiday season, I discovered apple crisp.  My mom made it for a gathering and I was hooked.  This was the best dessert ever.  I couldn’t get enough of it. I came home and searched for a great, simple recipe and found this one. This recipe only has 5 ingredients and will
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This Peanut Butter Cake Will Melt Your Heart…And Your Hunger

I love chocolate and peanut butter more than any two ingredients in the world. Combining the two of them together makes the perfect dessert combination, in my opinion. That’s why my famous peanut butter melt away cake recipe is one of my most prized possessions.   This
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Stop Cooking Your Fudge And Make It This BETTER Way Instead

One of my favorite candies during the holidays is homemade chocolate peanut butter fudge. I could eat an entire pan of this stuff by myself. However, I have to have some level of self-control, or my pants wouldn’t fit me anymore.   There are times throughout the year
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