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Who Else Wants Dinner Served In Under 35 Minutes?

Hi, everyone! This is a meal you’re going to want to get on your plate, fast! Beef stroganoff is one of my favorite suppers, and it’s so easy to make. I love eating juicy beef tips smothered in a mushroom gravy over a bed of egg noodles. So delicious! It tastes like a
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The Lazy Mom (Or Dad’s) Way To Getting Dinner Done

OK, I’m just joking and don’t really think you are lazy. However, we live in a hustle and bustle society, and it’s hard to get a wholesome dinner on the table. Somedays, you come home from work, or wherever it is you go all day and don’t even want to think
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Discover The Perfect Snack Food Secret

Making a snack that everyone will love can sometimes be a chore. These pork nachos are unbelievably good and super easy to make. I served them at my husband’s Superbowl party last year, and I don’t know what got more cheers, the nachos or the game!   The guys
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Side Dishes


A Nice Punch of Southern Comfort

This Sock It To Me Cake is basically a bundt cake with a nice twist. The bulk of the cake is light and buttery, but it has a lovely, rich filling on the inside and is topped with a delicious but easy-to-make vanilla lemon glaze. I loved the depth of flavor of this cake.
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Yummy Pumpkin Flavor in Cake Form

Bundt cakes are a good option when you need something that’s light and quick to make. This Pumpkin Bundt Cake can be prepped and baked in well under an hour, and it comes with a simple but delicious cinnamon glaze.   Yes, I have dived full-on into fall baking season
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A Great Idea For A Party!

If you are looking for something festive to serve at a party or just want an extra-special treat for the little ones, this Candy Corn Layer Cake is an excellent choice. It’s filled with that sweet and buttery flavor of the original candy and topped off with a creamy
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