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Southern Seafood Goes Sophisticated With This Crab Cake Competitor

Why have I never thought of making catfish this way?  This recipe for Catfish Cakes makes perfect sense to me, and yet it never would have occurred to me to prepare them this way.  This is such a smart way to use catfish, which I’m sure most of you already know can be infamously
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A Completely Surprising Pasta Dish That Will Wow Everyone Who Tastes It

I am totally in love with this recipe!  I’m always looking for new flavors, especially those that incorporate ingredients I already really like on their own.  Asparagus is one of the ingredients I always keep an eye out for.  A few years ago, I tried an absolutely amazing pizza
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A Sumptuous Southern Staple That Everyone At Your Table Will Adore

Chicken fried steak is considered kind of the pinnacle of comfort food in my family, but because my mother’s chicken fried steak is amazing, I had never actually attempted it myself until pretty recently.  When she had to be out of town this year for my brother’s birthday, I
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Side Dishes


Leftover Stale Bread Gets a Second Chance at Greatness!

Once known as the poor man’s pudding. I’d say this hot chocolate breading pudding is anything but poor! This decadent dessert is super comforting and doubles as a dessert or a breakfast treat. Why not?! Use whatever bread you have on hand, some prepared hot chocolate, and dig out
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Churros and Cream Puffs Meet to Create This Fabulous Treat!

Just when you thought you’ve made it all, this churro cream puff recipe shows up! From the sugary cinnamon churro outside to the cinnamon filled whipped cream insides, you won’t be able to stop at just one. Luckily, this recipe yields 16 cream puffs so you won’t have to! Bring
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Maybe This Orange Dreamsicle Bread Will Cure Your Common Cold!?

This one is a beauty! A delicious orange flavor paired with the smooth cream cheese filling and frosting makes one tasty orange dreamsicle bread you’ll make time and time again. Enjoy this with a cup of tea and get cozy on the couch with your feet up for a relaxing evening. This
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