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Soup – It’s Not Just for Cold Weather! Use Your Fresh Garden Veggies for This One!

Unless you eat outside every day, there’s no reason that vegetable soup can’t be enjoyed on a hot day. It’s hearty, full of nutrients and tastes phenomenal. I’ve never been one to avoid soups in the summertime because, well, they go great with sandwiches!   Vegetable soup is
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Hold Up – This All-Inclusive Dish is About to Change Everything You Think You Know About Dinner

You’ve heard someone say “complete meal” before but never have you experienced a combination like this all in one casserole. We’re talking tender, juicy chicken, roasted cauliflower, mushrooms and my favorite – wide egg noodles swimming in a sea of the most perfect seasonings
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Less Than 10 Ingredients Will Have This Satisfying Dish Ready for Tonight

I love finding easy recipes, don’t you? This one only has 7 ingredients and many you may have on hand. It cooks up in a casserole dish and has all the flavors you love – chicken, cheese and rice. I knew my family would be thrilled with it.   There are just some
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Side Dishes


Learn how to make cinnamon rolls for any holiday

Growing up, we often visited a local bakery where they made cinnamon rolls.  My siblings and I absolutely loved going there, but they were only open a few months of the year.  It was such a disappointment when they closed for the summer! So, we decided we had to make our own.
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Learn how to make the easiest, yet most impressive dessert tacos in under 10 minutes

Enjoy the gooeyness of Nutella spilling out of a crunchy taco topped with a dollop of the lightest homemade whipped cream.
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Learn to make chocolate mousse with just 2 ingredients

For a long time I have been looking for a chocolate mousse recipe.  I have tried countless recipes and none seemed to turn out as creamy, airy and fluffy as I would like.  All the other recipes also had so many ingredients and were such a long process.   This recipe here has
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