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Have You Tried Making This Breakfast In Your Slow Cooker?

If your household is like mine, mornings are a chaotic circus of craziness. I’m lucky if I manage to get socks on both of my feet let alone a healthy breakfast on the table. Sometimes, a belly needs more in it in the morning than just cold cereal or a piece of toast.  
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Toss Some Of This Into Your Macaroni Salad For A Kick Of Protein

Summer is quickly approaching and with it comes slews of picnics, BBQs, and garden parties. What will you be serving at these get-togethers? One of my favorite things to eat at a picnic are the side dishes, especially macaroni salad. When I came across this recipe for mac salad
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This Amazing Casserole Will Rock Your Socks!

Well, folks, it’s that time a day again; dinnertime. It’s the point in the day where you realize you haven’t prepped, planned, or prepared anything yet. You don’t have time to toss a roast in the oven or fry up those pork chops you have in the freezer
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Side Dishes


Ah, Yummy Caramel Goodness!

This Southern Caramel Cake is a classic regional twist on the butter cake: light and tender, with a rich caramel icing, all made easily from scratch. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can make this, too.   I think that these classic Southern recipes spoil me a bit.
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It May Look Like a Pile of Delta Mud, But It Tastes Delicious!

This Mississippi Mud Cake recipe makes use of simple ingredients and a few basic, easy-to-follow directions to make a true Southern classic completely from scratch. And it only takes you about an hour and twenty minutes to put together. It may look humble from a distance, but
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The Children and Children-at-Heart in Your Life Will Love These!

These Sugar Cookies With Cherry Buttercream Frosting look beautiful and taste as great as they look. This family-friendly recipe is very simple to put together (and once you have the dough made and chilled a bit, rather quick to bake, too). If you want a yummy baked dessert treat
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