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Looking for breakfast? Lunch? Dessert? This is all of the above in one.

Blackberries have never often been a part of my breakfast.  I usually only throw them in my yogurt or have a handful of them as a snack.  They just never tickled my fancy as breakfast food, until this.   This is yet another casserole baked dish that is oh so delicious.  This
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Earn Yourself An Extra Hour Of Sleep By Making Your Breakfast The Night Before

Sleep can be rare commodity.  Even in the lazy summer months, there are things to get up and get done and my kids like to get up at about 7am and jump on my bed.  The bed jumping doesn’t bother me.  I think it’s actually kind of great to wake up to giggly kids.  I would just
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This Slow Cooker Entree Is Packed Full of Bright, Sweet Flavors You’ll Love

When a slow cooker recipe works well, it can be an amazing thing – a massive time saver that you turn on in the morning when you leave the house and come home hours later to a warm welcoming meal that has made your house smell incredible.  I can’t tell you how many thin
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Side Dishes


No Flat Cookies – Just Perfection Every Time!

Pour a big glass of milk, you’ll need it for this one! These chocolate chip cookies will make you ditch that recipe you’ve been using for decades. With the ideal chocolate chip to cookie ratio, these will give you chocolate chunks in every bite.     So soft with the
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Stuff ‘em Good, No One Likes an Empty Cannoli!

Everyone loves a good cannoli, and what’s better than a good made-from-scratch batch?! Get the kids involved, or make a batch with your spouse for an evening of fun with a tasty reward! Stuff the shells with a ricotta cheese filling and chocolate chips with a garnish of powdered
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Do Not Try Another Bar Recipe Until You Bake These Up!

Your two favorite desserts come together for one dreamy treat. These peaches and cream pie bars combine delicious peach pie with a creamy cheesecake center.     This will taste just like you are biting into a fruity peach pie! Drizzled in a white glaze, these bars are
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