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No Boring Breakfasts Here! A Fresh New Take On A Familiar Favorite.

Is there a better brunch dish than a light, fluffy and cheesy, veggie filled frittata?  If you just answered “no”, hopefully not out loud, but hey – no judgement here – then I’ve got a recipe today that you will love!  If you answered “yes”, that’s okay too.  Just
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I Never Thought Of Adding This On Top Of My Enchiladas!

There was a time when I was a kid where I absolutely hated cheese?  Can you believe it, what kind of a person doesn’t like cheese?  The more my parents and sister pushed it on me, the more I refused to eat it!  I wouldn’t try any variety and I was pretty skeeved out
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This Chicken Has A Surprise Ingredient You Won’t Want To Miss

For years, my son wouldn’t eat anything with bread.  He loved crackers, but wouldn’t eat anything fried or breaded or just plain bread.  Even when I toasted the bread, he refused to eat it.  Until I introduced thin crust pepperoni pizza.  Then he started being more
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