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Why You Shouldn’t Always Do Things the Traditional Way – This is a Great Way to Wake Up

I’ve done the breakfast casseroles and they are delicious, but making French toast in the crock pot is something I never thought of. It’s so easy, even easier than baking it! Just like with any meal the pot does all the work. Thanks, pot!   We woke up to this delicious
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Buying the Canned Version of This Favorite is Causing You to Lose Out On Real Flavor – I Don’t Even Want to Split This!

Split pea soup – amazing. My mom used to make it at least a couple times a month. What ever happened to it being so common? It’s creamy, full of flavor, heartwarming and oh so much more. I had forgotten how much I loved it.   I simply had to pass down this love for a soup
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If You Don’t Make This Spicy and Addicting Dish Now You’ll Be Bummed Later

Curry… that dish with a heat that is full of flavor. There is really nothing like it. It’s almost like once you stop, you need another bite, and another, and another. Am I the only one that feels this way?   I always thought that I could only get good curry at a local
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Side Dishes


Fall in Love with These Sweet Crunchy Treats!

Peanut butter and chocolatey goodness make the cookie your new favorite desert!   I love to bake delicious goodies and my kids love to eat them. They’re like desert machines. Any recipe that’s delicious and quick is right up my alley. That’s what makes Cow Patties one of my
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Make a Great Impression with This Simple Twist on a Southern Favorite

I remember the first time I made this dish. It was a Saturday afternoon. My husband was working in the yard and the kids were in their rooms. A few minutes after the dumplings went in the stove, the house was filled with the sweetest smell. It smelled like my grandma’s house on a
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