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Your Favorite Chinese Takeout Made Simply in Your Own Home – That’s Winning!

I have to favorite dishes when we order Chinese. Sweet and Sour, and Teriyaki. I’ve already made the Sweet and Sour in my crock so I was anxious to make teriyaki. I found this recipe at one of my favorite sites and knew it’d be a keeper.   I ended up using chicken drummies
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Chicken of the Sea – Is It Chicken or Tuna? All I know is This Casserole is the Bomb!

I know, I know that it’s tuna, and this tuna noodle casserole is my favorite way to eat the fish aside from fresh caught and grilled. When I first introduced this dish to my kids I had to tell them it was chicken, because they flat out refused to eat any fish. Picky kids!  
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Discover the Best Kept Casserole Secret for Lovers of Mexican Cuisine

A quick Mexican fix for dinner tonight will have them saying, “Andale, andale ole!”
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Side Dishes


Discover The German’s Best Kept Secret!

This Old-Fashioned Cake Is The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened To Me! Yum!
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This Dessert Melts In Your Mouth With Each Bite

Sink Your Teeth Into This Easy-To-Make Dessert Filled With a Velvety Cream Cheese Filling
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Why I Make Cake In My Crock Pot And You Should Too!

Making chocolate lava cake is simpler to make than you think! You don’t need an oven to bake this decadent dessert. There’s another way. Are you ready for this? Alright, here it goes…   You can use your Crock Pot. I know, know, it sounds unbelievable, but
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