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Get A Hearty Head Start On Your Day With This Versatile, Convenient Breakfast Dish

This is such an easy, awesome casserole!  And I love the name of it – “Farmer’s Casserole”.  I don’t know the history on it, but my assumption is that it refers to ingredients like eggs, ham and veggies as things that would theoretically be easily available on a farm.  I
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A Summer Simplified Version of a Savory Veggie Packed Classic

What a great recipe!  I’ve always been really intimidated by Ratatouille.  It’s always so gorgeous and complicated looking, and I guess I know it doesn’t have to be that complicated, but that’s always the image I have in my head.  But this recipe takes those savory flavors and
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A Rich, Savory, and Full Flavored Entree Sure To Impress Your Guests

When I was growing up, there was a resort hotel about two hours from where we lived where you could rent a room, stay a few days, enjoy the swimming pools and most importantly, eat as much as you possibly could during the resorts insanely huge lunch and dinner buffets.  My family
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