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The Layers in This Dish Are Made Up Of All The Ingredients In a Favorite Sandwich – I Can’t Stop Eating It!

Reuben sandwiches aren’t an acquired taste. Everyone that tries them loves them, and that’s that! If you’ve never had one, you owe it to yourself to just take a bite and see. The marbled rye bread, layers of thin sliced corned beef, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese are an
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How Sly People Get Dinner On The Table In No Time Flat – Start With This Winner That Features Flavorful Chicken

There are two key components to a quick dinner. They are minimal ingredients and a fast cook time. This Chicken Divan casserole has both and doesn’t disappoint. Everyone will be licking their chops when they see this chicken smothered in Alfredo sauce and Broccoli; and when they
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Join The Millions Who Cook and Love This Version of a Classic, Heartwarming Dish

This recipe was one of my favorites that my mom made. I used to get a big bowl and eat it with bread and butter on the side. Now that I’m older, I like to add a splash of Frank’s Hot Sauce. It adds just the right amount of spice to warm me up and satisfy me. Of
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Side Dishes


Make Up A BIG Batch Of This Pie Filling And Freeze For Later

This is the kinda recipe that'll put a smile on your face. Why? Because you can have blueberry pie filling chilling in your freezer for later!
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Now You Can Make A Cake Like A Professional Pastry Chef, Too!

Hello, everyone! I don’t know about you guys, but I love cake. I love making cake, eating cake, and finding new and exciting cake recipes for my growing pastry collection. When I came across this Italian pear and ricotta cake, I just knew I had to make it for myself.  
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This Sugary Sweet Peanut Butter Treat Will Shock You!

The first time I tasted Peanut Butter Crunch I fell in love. How can something so delicious be so easy? Who came up with this deliciously crunchy, delightful concoction?   Whoever it was, I am forever indebted to them because this desert is pure heaven. I’m not exaggerating.
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