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A Great Pair of Jeans, Great Memories and Meals With Meat and Potatoes Like This One – That’s All I Want

Meat and taters, that’s what’s for dinner! You simply can’t go wrong with the combo whether it’s a juicy steak and baked potato or a casserole like this one featuring lean ground beef and scalloped potatoes. There are only six ingredients in this quick
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Don’t Get Crabby – You Can Have All You Want of These Fresh From the Ocean Patties When You Whip Them Up at Home

I have had many a crab cake in my day, usually at the various restaurants in my area, as we live right near the ocean – lucky us! I’ve found they come in a wide variety of flavors and consistencies. I wanted to make them at home for my adoring fans, aka. my family, so
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Side Dishes


Don’t Let Donuts Intimidate You, This Recipe Is Simple And Delicious!

People who love coffee seem to love coffee in any shape or form.  I imagine that coffee all by itself can get a little old, so it’s always fun to have a recipe like this mix things up a bit!  This recipe provides layers of coffee flavor, so it’s perfect for your
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5 Ingredients To The Best Sea Salt Truffles You’ve Ever Tasted

Many people don’t know this, but sea salt is often considered a rare treat.  The reason is because sea salt is actually harvested from the sea.  Unfortunately, because salt only builds up enough to be harvested once a year, it means companies wait an entire year before it
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A 4 Ingredient Blueberry Dessert You’ll Love Making

My best friend is a sucker for cobblers.  She absolutely adores anything with a crumble on top.  She’s always seeking out amazing recipes like this one.  This recipe is no exception to her favorites!  She sent it to me because it was so delicious, and yet had only 4 very
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