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A Completely Surprising Pasta Dish That Will Wow Everyone Who Tastes It

I am totally in love with this recipe!  I’m always looking for new flavors, especially those that incorporate ingredients I already really like on their own.  Asparagus is one of the ingredients I always keep an eye out for.  A few years ago, I tried an absolutely amazing pizza
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A Sumptuous Southern Staple That Everyone At Your Table Will Adore

Chicken fried steak is considered kind of the pinnacle of comfort food in my family, but because my mother’s chicken fried steak is amazing, I had never actually attempted it myself until pretty recently.  When she had to be out of town this year for my brother’s birthday, I
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A Crisp, Buttery Crust Makes This Seafood Dish Something You Won’t Want To Miss

I make salmon pretty often.  I’ve always liked it  – it’s got a lot of flavor, it’s heartier than most of the white fish that’s most readily available, like tilapia or cod, and it’s also easy to season in a way that’s simple, but has great results.  My standby preparation
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Side Dishes


This Recipe is a Monstrous Chocolate Conundrum

If an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie and a rice krispie treat had a baby, this would be it.  Nothing sounds more divine, does it?  And now, you’re slowly craving this cookie as you read on…. Fear not!  The recipe is simple, and these cookies will fly right out of the
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These Traditional Holiday Cookies Only Need you to Lift one Finger….Mainly Your Thumb

My grandmother has been making these for years, and it’s clear why she chose this recipe.  It’s easy to make but these cookies come out so delectably buttery with a sweet jelly center. This recipe makes about 32 cookies.  The portion of dough should stay on the
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An Irresistible Dessert That Never Sees the Oven

Even though it may be winter time, it’s never too late (or early) to enjoy a slice of tropical heaven.  And there’s no easier way to do that than with this mango masterpiece. This cake takes only 45 minutes plus chill time, and makes one 7″ pie.  This cake is so
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