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Not Throwing This Flavorful Meal in Your Crock Would be a Big Mis-Steak

What could be more satisfying than tender, melt-in-your-mouth pepper steak? I just adore this dish, and I love serving it over egg noodles or white rice. It’s an easy family favorite that no one complains about. My mom used to make it from a box mix, I’m pretty sure because
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You May Be Tempted – But There’s No Peeking at This Dish So Try To Resist!

Will You Break The Rules And Peek At This Tantalizing Dish As It Cooks In Your Oven?
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This Household Favorite Casserole is Easier Than Sewing a Button on a Watermelon! Dig In!

I love potatoes, and this dish was one that my nana made, then my mom made, and often! Getting the right recipe for ham and scalloped potatoes is important. While it’s a simple recipe it can always be missing that certain something. I get my ham already chopped from the
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Side Dishes


Don’t Try Making A Coffee Cake Without This One Ingredient!

I’ll be honest, coffee cake has never been one of my favorite desserts. I always found it to be dry. Then, I came across this recipe for raspberry cream cheese coffee cake and my taste buds went straight to the Pearly Gates of Great Food. This cake is anything but dry and
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What A Fun Way To Use Circus Animal Cookies!

As a kid, my mom rarely bought pre-made cookies.  The exception were these Circus Animal cookies that she would buy now and again because they reminded her of her childhood.  Funnily enough, as a mom, I too buy these cookies because they remind me of my childhood.   I
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Your Perfect Coffee Companion Is Waiting For You

Mornings in our house can be a mad dash.  We wake up, get the kiddos ready, pack lunches and arrange book bags as we watch the clock to get them to school on time.  Because I work from home, you’d think I would have more time for a leisurely breakfast, but often I barely have
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