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The Mushroom Sauce is the Boss In This Simple Crock Pot Classic That Makes Mouths Water

The first time I had Chicken Marsala was at a popular Italian restaurant. I’d filled up on breadsticks and salad and they brought out this amazing plate of chicken smothered in a white wine and mushroom sauce. The chicken was tender, the flavors were perfect and I was in love.
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Bet You Didn’t Know You Could Make This Indian Classic Dish Right in Your BFF the Crock!

Just when you think chicken Tikki Masala can’t get any better, you remember your trusty and dependable friend, the slow cooker. There are literally endless dishes that can be set in the crock and left to cook in their own juices, seasonings and sauces. Everyone knows, this
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Who’s Up For a Taste Bud Trip to Mexico? It’s All In With This Dish So Start Packing

I like to refer to this dish as my mom’s Americanized version of enchiladas. It features ground beef and refried beans, salsa, cheese and all the usual players. The way I’ve always done this dish is the enchiladas are filled, wrapped up and tucked into a casserole
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Side Dishes


You Won’t Believe What Turns This Ice Cream Beautifully Purple

When I was a little girl, we used to visit my grandparents up north.  They lived on a farm in a small town. I loved visiting because their farm was so different than my suburban home.  There were cows and horses, sheep and chickens.  There were tons of places to run and play,
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These No Bake Treats Will Keep Your 4th Of July Cool

Summer time is made for s’mores.  There’s just nothing better than sitting in the summer evening with a s’mores treat.  Delicious!  I love finding recipes that are a play on the traditional flavors you’re used to, but used in a different way that takes
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I Bet You’ve Never Had Popcorn Like This Before

CRASH!  BOOM! RAC-KAH! Sizzle.  Don’t you love watching fireworks as they dance across the sky?  There’s nothing more amazing that cuddling up with your friends and kiddos to watch the fireworks.  My favorite part is watching the delight in other people’s eyes
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