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Ooey and Gooey – You’ve Never Eaten a Burger THIS Way, But You’ll Be In Awe!

I’ve had many a burger, and every person in my family has their preference. One thing we all agree on is cheese as a topping. This casserole has the burger, and the cheese… plus so much more!   I got out all the usual burger condiments to include ketchup (of
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This Meal Is Easy Like a Sunday Morning – Wake Up and Have Brunch Waiting

How great is it to sleep in, and wake up to the smell of brunch baking away. You go downstairs in your pajamas, and put on a pot of coffee and just take in the scent in anticipation. Then you grab the newspaper and have a seat in your favorite brunch spot and dig in.  
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There’s No Denying This BBQ Meal is The Greatest Concoction Since Beans and Weenies!

My daughter believes everything tastes better smothered in BBQ sauce. That’s why this dish was already a hit in my household before I even made it. Throw in the pasta and chicken which are every kid’s favorite and plates will be cleaned!   On top of all these
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Side Dishes


This Creamy Pecan Dessert Will Have Your Friends Envious!

My son is allergic to peanuts.  My mother in law, however, loves to make a peanut dessert that is crunchy and filled with peanuts.  When our son was diagnosed, I remember calling her right before Thanksgiving and asking her to avoid anything with peanuts.  She was super sad that
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Don’t Let Donuts Intimidate You, This Recipe Is Simple And Delicious!

People who love coffee seem to love coffee in any shape or form.  I imagine that coffee all by itself can get a little old, so it’s always fun to have a recipe like this mix things up a bit!  This recipe provides layers of coffee flavor, so it’s perfect for your
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5 Ingredients To The Best Sea Salt Truffles You’ve Ever Tasted

Many people don’t know this, but sea salt is often considered a rare treat.  The reason is because sea salt is actually harvested from the sea.  Unfortunately, because salt only builds up enough to be harvested once a year, it means companies wait an entire year before it
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