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Eat “Fresca” Tonight with This 4 Ingredient Meal That Everyone Will Do Cartwheels For

This meal has only 4 ingredients but it will blow you and any dinner guests away – Bon Appetit!
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I Don’t Know Which Version of This Mexican Dish I Love More – The Red Sauce or This One… What About You?

I am a lover of all dishes Mexican. I love the heat, the spice, the tender meat or stringy cheese… I love dipping chips in whatever falls out of my tacos, burritos or enchiladas like these. Yep, I’m in foodie love.   This version of enchiladas is the sour cream and cheese
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30 Minutes of Cook Time and You Can Skip the Trip to Red Lobster

Never have I enjoyed seafood more than I do living down south. It’s fresh, it’s available and it’s definitely a part of my weekly dinner lineup. Now I’ve done biscuits and gravy, and biscuits with chicken but this shrimp chowder with biscuits on top is a new one for me.  
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Side Dishes


Have You Tried Making This Breakfast In Your Slow Cooker?

If your household is like mine, mornings are a chaotic circus of craziness. I’m lucky if I manage to get socks on both of my feet let alone a healthy breakfast on the table. Sometimes, a belly needs more in it in the morning than just cold cereal or a piece of toast.  
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There’s Amazing Flavor In This Pretty Pastry

Hi, everyone! I am so excited to share this wonderful strawberry lemonade cake recipe with you. I’ve had strawberry cake before, but this one packs a punch of zippy flavor with the addition of the lemonade. Forget pouring yourself a tall glass of the lemony drink; I’d
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The Easiest And Tastiest Way To Get Your Daily Dose Of Fruit

Do you ever want your daily dose of fruit but snacking on an apple or a handful of berries just doesn’t like your kind of party? Well, you should definitely give this blackberry cobbler recipe a shot, then! I simply fell in love with this berry delight of goodness, and so
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