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What’s Better Than Piping Hot French Bread? What About When it’s Stuffed?

Crispy, cheesy, flaky, and gooey, these sandwiches are to die for!  The sauteed onions add the final flavor for a fabulous fun food. This recipe takes about 15-20 minutes to make, and you can cut it into whatever size slices you deem fit.  Toast it a little longer, for an even
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Let This Salmon Swim in the Crockpot for a Flavor Filled Meal

Who doesn’t love a smoky and protein filled fantastic fish dish?  Salmon is a distinct flavor, but one that has been winning for ages. Get your crock on, because this recipe only requires your slow cooker to do the tough job.  Add a little dill and lemon, and you have
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You Have One More Opportunity to Cook This Dish Before The Holidays are Over.

Although you may be exhausted from delectable roast meats, this is the time of year where you get a free pass to splurge….so set that oven, brine that buddy, and get ready for a robust roast. Since this involves baking a big bird, it’s obviously going to take time,
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