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How To Throw Together a One-Dish Meal And Have It Taste Like a Meal From a 5 Star Restaurant

  Italian dishes always go over well with men and kids, but I am over the usual spaghetti and meatballs. Switching up the pasta type makes a huge difference. I wasn’t so excited for Italian night but when I took a bite of this cheesy baked tortellini I was stoked!
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See Why Everyone’s Talking About This Gooey, Cheesy Dish That’s Basically Unstoppable

  Smoked sausage is the perfect addition to any dish. Really, smoked anything. That unmistakable flavor of being slowly cooked and prepared for your eating pleasure. Yes, you and you alone!   This dish has it all! Smoked sausage, pasta and cheese… what more could
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Hop On Board With All Your Friends Who Enjoy These Sweet Snacks – This Casserole is the Bomb!

 I admit, I was a skeptic when sweet potato fries first came out. Now that I’ve had them I am in love! They are packed full of so much flavor I can’t get enough. There are even sweet potato freezer fries that are to die for. Dip them in sour cream – yum!  
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Side Dishes


You need just 3-ingredients to make this Girl Scout favorite

Everyone loves Girl Scout cookies. The favorite hands down always seems to be the Thin Mints. This version is so simple you will make it over and over again. These would make really nice gifts when you go to visit family and friends or at Christmas time.     This
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Sink Your Teeth Into This Sweet, Traditional Banana Pudding Recipe

My mother in law makes a mean banana pudding. Her pudding isn’t made from a box.  Nope, it is what I’d call a true old fashioned banana pudding. It’s really delicious, but when I tried this recipe… I knew I had a new favorite. It’s got a few ingredient twists, but I think you’ll
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Who Says S’mores Have To Be Made Over An Open Fire Pit?

Last summer I had a true addiction to smores.  It wasn’t enough to make them in our backyard using the fire pit, no…. I had to seek out and find the BEST smores –based recipes around.  I made smores everything, smores pie, smores cheesecake.  My family was excited about my
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