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Get This Casserole While It’s Hot – Just Like Bugs Bunny Sang In Looney Tunes

Am I the only one that remembers the Bugs Bunny cartoon where he sings, “Hot tamales, hot tamales – get them while their hot” or do you recall too? Either way, I love tamales and so does my entire family. You don’t have to watch an episode of Bugs to get
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What Happens When You Fuse a Popular Meal With a Popular Side Using Cheese? Everyone Can’t Stop Eating It!

When I first saw the recipe for Spaghetti Corn I said, “Wait, what?” Needless to say I was intrigued. When I found that it cooks in the crock, I was excited! Then when I read the ingredients I drooled a little bit.   I’ll tell you what, it couldn’t be
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This Flavor Infused Salad and Sandwich Will Have Everyone Thinking You’re a Good Egg

There are three cold sandwiches I love that are salads… tuna, chicken and egg. I don’t even put anything else on my egg sandwich, just the filling. I have no idea how my nana did it but she made the best egg salad ever.   I’m actually glad I found this
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Side Dishes


I Bet You’ve Never Had An Enchilada Quite Like This

A few years ago, I had a conversation with a friend of mine about recipes.  She insisted that there are really only 100 recipes in the world, and all others are just slight variations of those 100 recipes.  That may be true in some way, it does seem like there are basics, like
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Go Ahead And Get Out The Ice Cream!

Sometimes you want a sophisticated meal and sometimes you just want a yummy bowl of gooey chocolate deliciousness.  When I was younger, I liked to create recipes.  Back then, I wasn’t very good at it because I didn’t know much about what paired with what.  And to be
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