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This Breakfast Casserole is Really Good at Any Time of Day!

No matter what time you make this masterpiece, it will always fill your fam.  After all, why make a breakfast with all separate components, when you can toss everything into one easy, delicious dish? This casserole serves 6-8 people, and is ready in under an hour.  The
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This Sweetly Thick Beverage Will Help Jump Start Your Day!

In the morning, it is better to have a healthy smoothie, than nothing at all.  If you’re someone that’s always on the go, or even if you’re looking for a healthy solution, this recipe is for you! You don’t need an expensive juicer or other appliance of
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These are Great by Themselves, but When Stuffed, Simply Mouth Watering

Slow boiled until soft and then stuffed with a meaty rice, these peppers are perfect for a hearty dinner, or even a quick lunch.  You can make these with chicken OR ground beef. Stuffed peppers are amazing because you can freeze them, and when reheated, they taste as if yo
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