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How to Turn a Classic Dish into Something Better – Subtle Spice Makes This Mexican Version of a Stuffed Vegetable a Favorite!

My mom made stuffed peppers often when I was growing up. I don’t think I appreciated how delicious it was until I was older, because the pepper always had a strong flavor to me. Well not long ago, I went out for Mexican food and saw Chile Rellenos on the menu. I was curious to
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Whip up Chinese Food Like a Pro Using Your Crock for This Favorite Chicken Dish

I discovered Moo Shoo as an adult. Before then I only ordered my trusty favorites to include sweet and sour, and teriyaki chicken. I still love them, but there’s a special place in my heart for Moo Shoo. I was excited to introduce it to my husband who’d never had it. Oh, the
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Even The Bunnies Will Be Hopping Over To Your Kitchen For This Crazy casserole!

I’m always up for something new and different. My taste buds tend to get bored rather easily so I’m sure glad that I came across this recipe for carrot casserole. It tastes absolutely amazing! Check out what a happy Taste of Home reviewer had to say about this recipe:
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Side Dishes


A Very Interesting Dessert Based on None Other Than Green Tea

Desserts have many flavors, but tea is usually not one of them.  Don’t knock it, till’ you try it, however.  This white chocolate and green tea cheesecake is rich, yet light, at the same time. This recipe serves 6-8 people and needs to chill for several hours before
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I Bet You Don’t Know What a Banoffee Pie is, but You’ll Never Forget it, Once you Do!

This dish is a mashup of the name.  Made from, you guessed it, banana and toffee, and boy is it delectable.  With a smooth and creamy ganache filling, and a fruity whipped topping, how could anyone say no? This recipe makes mini-pies, but it can easily be converted to one large
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Why Put Anything on Top of Your Bread, When You Can Put it IN the Bread

This inventive bread, is also known as a Babka, and tastes just like one giant cinnamon role.  Top it off with a smooth, orange glaze, and the sweet factor hits the roof. This recipe takes a few hours, but it is completely worth it.  It yields one “Babka,” and once
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