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Smoky Slow Cooker Brown Sugar And Garlic Chicken

Hey, everyone! Today I am going to bring you an entree that has sort of an odd flavor combination, but don’t worry, it’s good! Have you ever considered sweetening up your chicken dinner with some brown sugar? Let me tell ya, it is amazing! This recipe calls for the
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10 End-Of-The Summer Burgers You Need To Try NOW – Don’t Let Summer Slip Away Without These On Your Grill

Boy, you guys are in for a treat with this one! My friends over at Buzzfeed put together an awesome list of the summer’s best burgers and I am going to share 10 of the with you now! Everyone loves a good cheeseburger, right? Well, my friend, these cheeseburgers are so much
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This Is a Simple Recipe Most Know from Their Childhood and Absolutely Love – What About You?

I think it’s high time I brought this recipe back. My Nana used to make this for us all the time because my mom worked full-time, so she was happy to help out. Back then it was like, “Swedish Meatballs again?” But of course we all ate it up with no complaints. I loved having it
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Side Dishes


These Outrageous Little Treats Are So Rich They Need Their Own Bank Account

This insanely rich recipe for Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cakes comes straight from the queen of southern decadence herself, Mrs. Paula Deen.  I had one of these this past Thanksgiving at our big family dinner.  My aunt, who made this, kept telling everyone “Just take a tiny piece.  You
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Looking for breakfast? Lunch? Dessert? This is all of the above in one.

Blackberries have never often been a part of my breakfast.  I usually only throw them in my yogurt or have a handful of them as a snack.  They just never tickled my fancy as breakfast food, until this.   This is yet another casserole baked dish that is oh so delicious.  This
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Festive Fruit and Sweet Spice In A Whole New Light

What a great idea this is.  I love this recipe for cinnamon chips and fruit salsa!  First and foremost, it’s really, really tasty.  Tons of big, juicy fresh flavors and such a neat way to present it.  This is another one of those recipes that as soon as I have it put together, I
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