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Bacon’s Cousin is Grilled and Seasoned to Perfection

If you love bacon, you’ll love it’s tender cousin, the grilled pork belly, with a spicy chili twist.  If you’ve never tried it, you’re truly missing out! This recipe yields 4 servings and is ready in about 30 minutes.  The marinade is spicy, but not super
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Your Mac N’ Cheese will Never be the Same!

Mac n’ cheese is a home down, country style dish that, not surprisingly, everyone loves.  The ultimate in comfort food, what happens when we throw in a delicacy? Lobster is one of the most sought after shellfish on the market, and there’s no mystery as to why
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This Chicken Has a Unique Pizza Topping

The Pioneer Woman does it again, with a simple yet rustic and deeply flavored country dish.  Pepperoni chicken is packed with flavor, but easy enough to make in minutes. You can serve this with either pasta or over a salad, but no matter how you choose, this dish will always
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