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Dinner That’s Better Than Takeout And Fried In The Crock Pot? Nope… I’m Not Kidding!

That tender, vegetable-laden chicken fried rice from your favorite takeout place? you know what I’m talking about… even thinking about it I bet you’re craving it now. There is truly nothing like it. That is, until now. You’ll be head over heels when you
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This Dish Is Called “Velvet Pork Chops” And The Name Couldn’t Be Better!

Have you ever tasted a pork chop so good that you wanted to smack your knee and shout, “wahoozle!” Well, folks, the time has come for you to experience such shenanigans. This pork chop recipe is uh-mazing. I mean, just get a load of the name, ‘velvet pork
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Slow Down A Little A Enjoy This Crock Pot Salisbury Steak

I am a major fan of slow cooker foods. I love them. They are so easy to assemble and they produce a wonderful meal for you and your family to enjoy. This slow cooker Salisbury steak comes out perfectly. It is tender and juicy and tastes just like you would imagine it to be. I
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Side Dishes


Grandma’s Cookies Don’t Hold A Flame To These Little Rock Stars

Hey, everyone! I wanted to share this amazing recipe for molasses cookies with you all. I came across this recipe by accident one day when I was looking up healthy meal options. Go figure, right? I guess you could say I got off the beaten path a little bit, haha! But boy, am I
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This Classic Dessert Recipe Has Earned Its Place In The Pie Hall of Fame

My Dad loves banana cream pie, but he’s not interested in the more instant versions of it that a lot of people rely on now.  He wants real bananas, filling made of eggs, scalded milk, and sugar (don’t even think about using a pudding mix) and meringue topping.  He has expanded
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One Bite Of This Cake And You’ll Be On A Magic Carpet Ride

When I was a little girl, I was always intrigued by the story of Hansel and Gretel. I always tried to imagine the types of things they found to eat when they stumbled upon the Witch’s gingerbread house. I envisioned a large, chocolate, Black Forest cake sitting on a graham
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