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Discover the Best Kept Casserole Secret for Lovers of Mexican Cuisine

A quick Mexican fix for dinner tonight will have them saying, “Andale, andale ole!”
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The Sooner You Indulge in This Southern-Inspired Dish the Better – Your Family Will Thank You!

The first time I sank my teeth into jambalaya it was with our friends from Louisiana. Before that, I’d never even heard of it. It was packed with flavor and I couldn’t get enough! I was surprised at how delicious it was because to me, it just looked like a box dinner by Hamburger
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Ready to Pump Your Chicken Up to a New Level of Deliciousness? Check This One Out!

I’m always looking for new ways to make chicken, and I had some thighs I got on sale just waiting for me to whip up. While I’m hesitant to try new flavors, I knew this one would be popular with my family.   Just the smell of it cooking was enough to make me ravenous. I think
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Side Dishes


When Brownies Met Samoas, This Decadent Dessert Was Born!

If you ran out of your favorite Girl Scout cookies, don’t fret! Now you can enjoy all those same delicious flavors in one outstanding brownie. Coconut, caramel, and chocolate combine to bring you all the components you love from your favorite Samoa cookie. Using box brownie mix
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The Traditional Polish Paczki (punch-key)

Traditionally, Paczki are eaten on Fat Tuesday, or Fat Thursday, before Lent begins. But really, who says you can’t enjoy them year round? These Polish doughnuts are a very rich, sweet yeast dough either left un-filled or filled with a fruit preserve. The outside is either rolled
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This Pie Comes in More Flavors Than Just Lemon…

Normally when people hear about a meringue pie, they automatically think of the popular lemon version.  But you can make a meringue out of anything, and in this decadent dessert recipe, it just so happens to be our favorite: Chocolate! This dessert is ready in 30 minutes and
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