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If You’re Looking For The Perfect Dinner Recipe, Give This Winner A Shot!

This is such an easy weeknight meal to either sit in front of the TV, or grab and go as you have evening activities.  It’s easily finger food, but has all the flavors and ingredients needed to make it a filling meal.  It’s basically a bread covered in toppings and all baked it
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Your Favorite Chinese Takeout Made Simply in Your Own Home – That’s Winning!

I have to favorite dishes when we order Chinese. Sweet and Sour, and Teriyaki. I’ve already made the Sweet and Sour in my crock so I was anxious to make teriyaki. I found this recipe at one of my favorite sites and knew it’d be a keeper.   I ended up using chicken drummies
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Chicken of the Sea – Is It Chicken or Tuna? All I know is This Casserole is the Bomb!

I know, I know that it’s tuna, and this tuna noodle casserole is my favorite way to eat the fish aside from fresh caught and grilled. When I first introduced this dish to my kids I had to tell them it was chicken, because they flat out refused to eat any fish. Picky kids!  
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Side Dishes


You are 2 Simple Ingredients Away From a Magic Hard Shell Topping!

Your favorite ice cream topping from childhood comes together in only 2 simple ingredients. Who knew it was this simple?! Know what you are putting into your body and make this one with the kids – they will love it and so will you! Just a note in advance – store this at room
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The Looks of a Whoopie Pie but the Taste of a Carrot Cake Makes One Delicious Treat!

Make this one for Easter or for an anytime treat! This soft carrot cake sandwich cookie is everything you love about your favorite cake but with the hand-held convenience of a cookie. Similar to a whoopie pie, the soft cookies sandwich a smooth layer of cream cheese frosting for
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Serve Up These Raspberry Sweet Rolls for a Special Breakfast or Brunch!

Pure homemade goodness comes together in this delicious raspberry sweet rolls recipe. A dough like no other – super soft, fluffy, and melts in your mouth – makes every bite smooth like satin. A tasty raspberry filling provides a fresh twist to the classic cinnamon roll.
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