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Hop On Board With All Your Friends Who Enjoy These Sweet Snacks – This Casserole is the Bomb!

 I admit, I was a skeptic when sweet potato fries first came out. Now that I’ve had them I am in love! They are packed full of so much flavor I can’t get enough. There are even sweet potato freezer fries that are to die for. Dip them in sour cream – yum!  
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Well Butter Me Up and Call Me Biscuit – This Southern Brunch Casserole Is Perfect!

In all the history of all the breakfasts and brunches, there has never been one more beloved than southern biscuits and gravy. I truly believe that. Serving it up with some scrambled eggs and fresh fruit makes for the perfect meal. Although it could stand alone as well. I’d
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I “Sea” This Food Being a Favorite In Your House – It Made My Taste Buds Tingle

As someone who is always having my seafood in basic ways, like poached, grilled or broiled, I was searching for something new. Then I found this recipe that’s going viral! Gratin seafood pasta? How delicious… I could already taste it. There’s no doubt that cheese
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Side Dishes


Indulge In This Super Creamy No Churn Cinnamon Ice Cream

No Ice Cream Maker? That’s Not A Problem With This No Fail No Churn Cinnamon Ice Cream Guaranteed To Coming Back For More
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Prep These Simple Blueberry Muffins For A Breakfast You’ll Look Forward To

I hate the mornings.  And it’s sad because the mornings truly are such a peaceful time.  You know when you wake up earlier than anyone else in the house, and it’s just…. Quiet.  You can sit by your favorite window and enjoy a book, or perhaps lounge in the kitchen and listen to
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How To Turn Your Boring Pastry Into A Heavenly Treat

Raise your hand if you like chocolate cake. I’m sure if I could see through my computer screen, that would be all of you. I, personally, love chocolate cake in all of its many magnificent forms. Today, I present to you a chocolate sheet cake recipe with homemade icing. It
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