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Basic Chili Is So Boring! Spaghetti Noodles And Special Spices Is Where It’s At!

Growing up in the midwest, icy cold winters and crisp fall days made for excellent chili eating weather. My recipe typically consisted of the standard stewed tomatoes, beans, and ground beef or turkey. However, I’m always open to suggestions and totally flipped my lid when
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If You’ve Never Tried Chicken This Way Before…You’re Missing Out!

This recipe is soooo good! I am a huge fan of chicken dinners and until now, I’ve never experienced the powers of Dijon-Tarragon Cream Chicken. It comes out so tender and juicy! Even if you have picky eaters, I know they will be cleaning their plates when they eat this
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This Brisket Is Easier To Make Than Saying “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!”

I am all about putting on large Sunday dinners that are filled with family, laughter, and great eats! When I was a little, my mother would always have a massive Sunday dinner planned that would greet our family members after the church service. She’d often use her slow
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Side Dishes


A Danish Breakfast Specialty Which You Can Pop and Go!

Your typical pancakes take on a new and more convenient form! The Danish did it right with these aebleskiver pancake balls. Light as air these go down like water – and trust me – once you pop you can’t stop! They are perfect for breakfast on the go, or even a tasty dessert.
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Make Every Day Feel Special!

Once you’ve tried these glazed lemon blueberry scones you’ll have an instant love affair! So tender and flaky, and filled to the brim with blueberries and lemon flavors – these scones are what have been missing from your life! The glaze is so sweet and beautiful drizzled a top.
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A Sweet New Way to Enjoy Your Mojito!

If you love the flavors of your favorite summer Mojito, then this cookie will make your mouth water. The lime filling is infused with fresh mint and a buttery macadamia or pecan nut crust (your choice!). Bake these up and you won’t be able to wait to cut into them. Similar to a
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