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A Pizza Grilled Cheese Hybrid That Will Have you High-Fiving

Could anything ever get more intense than this mash-up of two of the best munchie foods on the planet?  Kids will be following you around like the Pied Piper over this one! This recipe is as simple as it looks.  With just 5 simple recipes, and ready in minutes, you cannot fail
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This Tagalog Will Have Your Friends Tagging Along for a Meal

This classic Filipino dish is a beefy and hearty meal to warm your belly during the winter months.  Filled with delicious citrusy flavor notes, this dish is one to impress your guests. This recipe calls for Calamansi, which is basically a hyrbid between a Kumquat and a lime.  You
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Cinnamon Doesn’t Stand a Chance

What happens when you decide to make breakfast, but you need something more?  Stuffed French Toast is always an answer! This recipe serves 10-12 people so there is no need to skimp.  Besides, having a breakfast food this handy, can only mean danger! Recipe and photo courtes
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